The donkeys - let's float

When we arrived at Beth’s parents’ house, all of Beth’s sisters and their families joined us for a celebration of her dad’s 70 th birthday. There were 23 of us for the weekend (that’s why we needed the trailer). Beth’s dad took everyone skiing and tubing and served each of us all weekend. On Saturday night, we had a celebration for him at a restaurant, where his daughters and grandchildren gave tribute to him and to his faith. On Sunday, he played his trumpet in church, giving all the glory to God. On Sunday afternoon, I had the privilege, along with another brother-in-law who is a pastor, of baptizing two of our nephews. It was a sacred moment. As we stood in a circle I thanked my father-in-law for being faithful and told him that he reminded me of Abraham because he has passed his faith along to his family. In fact, I called him “Father Frank.” I then asked him to pray, and when he placed one hand on Jesse’s head and the other on Jacob’s and started interceding for them, we all started weeping.

The Donkeys - Let's FloatThe Donkeys - Let's FloatThe Donkeys - Let's FloatThe Donkeys - Let's Float