Sue thompson - mama, don't cry at my wedding / paper tiger

Thompson signed with Hickory Records in 1960 and landed two Top Five pop hits the following year with the John D. Loudermilk -penned novelty tunes "Sad Movies (Make Me Cry)" and "Norman." Two more Loudermilk numbers, 1962's "James (Hold the Ladder Steady)" and 1965's "Paper Tiger," brought her further success. During this era, Thompson played effectively to the teen audience thanks to her cute, extremely young-sounding voice, despite the fact that she was pushing 40. She recorded sporadically through the remainder of the '60s, without finding similar success. In 1972, she teamed up with country singer Don Gibson for three duet albums over the next two years; some of their songs charted respectably, in particular "I Think They Call It Love" and "Oh, How Love Changes." Thompson also managed a few solo hits during this period, the biggest of which was "Big Mable Murphy." Her last chart single came in 1976 with "Never Naughty Rosie," and she subsequently concentrated on the Las Vegas casino circuit. She remarried once again and later moonlighted as an MC at North Hollywood's famed Palomino Club for a time. She settled in Las Vegas permanently and performed from time to time in the '90s.

Every parents has experienced the dreaded 2 AM call. You hear your little one stirring on the monitor. Either you wait, fingers crossed, to see if they go back to sleep and they don’t, or you run in there as fast as you can to stuff the pacifier in their mouth before they really wake up. Most babies are capable of sustained sleep (6-8 hours in a row) at night by age six months. If you are nursing your child, it may take them a bit longer to achieve this. I think that it is reasonable that every child should sleep through the night most nights by 9-12 months of age. Now, every child wakes up sometimes at night. I view the awakenings as a problem if they are more than a few minutes in duration, occurring multiple times at night, or resulting in significant daytime irritability for either the child or the parents.

Sue Thompson - Mama, Don't Cry At My Wedding / Paper TigerSue Thompson - Mama, Don't Cry At My Wedding / Paper TigerSue Thompson - Mama, Don't Cry At My Wedding / Paper TigerSue Thompson - Mama, Don't Cry At My Wedding / Paper Tiger